BEIERSDORF is the first wholly owned subsidiary of BEIERSDORF Group in China

We have strong research and development strength of special fasteners and well-equipped testing laboratory

We provide customized joint technology solutions, and have rich experience and strong advantages in the processing of special materials, the research and development of special function and structure fasteners, and the research and development of special performance fasteners

We mainly engaged in high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, stainless steel high strength, alloy steel high strength, high corrosion and rust prevention, high precision fasteners, classification society
In 2015, we set up the Asia Pacific Business Center in China, which is fully responsible for all business relations in the Asia Pacific region. This brings us closer to our partners in the Asia Pacific region and better serves our partners.
Core strengths

We can provide customers with technical selection and material selection support in the early stage, so that we can better choose the most cost-effective products for customers; we can also provide customers with post-installation technical training and various maintenance services.

If you are looking for a professional, safe and reliable long-term partner for stainless steel high-strength and special fasteners
Beiersdorf is always ready to provide you with professional technical advice and product services
Please feel free to contact us - we will be happy to assist you:
+86 (0)13701876749