Founded in 1946, BEIERSDORF, a leading manufacturer of special fasteners based in Edinburgh, the United Kingdom (UK), has wholly-owned subsidiaries in Germany, Italy and China. The company is capable of providing customers with nearly 100,000 product types, and has a stock of 500 tonnes of special raw materials and 10,000 tonnes of finished stainless steel standard parts. Motivated by his passion for the metal and machining industry and active support for the post-WWII reconstruction in the United Kingdom, Mr. Ben von Schwabe founded BEIERSDORF. Mr. Schwabe devoted his life to the study of processing characteristics and structures of special materials, as well as the research and development of fasteners with special performance, laying a solid foundation for the research direction and company strategy.

BEIERSDORF has a strong R&D team, supplying customers with customized interconnection solutions, and accumulates rich experience and strengths in the processing of special materials, the development of special functions and structure fasteners, and the development of fasteners with special performance. The high-temperature Fasteners, low-temperature fasteners, high strength fasteners, high corrosion and rust resistant fasteners and locking fasteners developed and produced by the company are widely used in aerospace, energy and power, rail transportation, marine engineering, petrochemical, bridge construction and other industries. At the same time, you may find us in famous municipal projects, large outdoor equipment and transportation equipment of the United Kingdom and Europe.

After years of development, we have built a reasonable and complete testing process with adequate testing equipment to ensure that each product we deliver meets customer needs or relevant standards. Our laboratory is EU CNAS accredited and equipped with testing equipment such as material analyser, tensile tester, hardness tester, torsion tester, thickness tester, metallographic analyser, flaw detection instrument and salt spray tester. Our mission is to provide our customers with quality, stable and compliant products.

Thanks to the Group’s continuous development and strategic adjustments, we have been engaging in trading business of standard stainless steel parts since 2006, greatly enhancing our ability to support customers and improving the Group’s overall supply strength. In 2015, BEIERSDORF Group invested in Shanghai, China to found its first wholly-owned subsidiary in the Asia-Pacific Region, Beiersdorf Industrial Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., focusing on operations of high strength stainless steel fasteners and special fasteners. As part of the Group’s global business strategy, BEIERSDORF Shanghai is responsible for all business relationships in the Asia Pacific Region, thus bringing us closer to our partners in the region and better serving them. In line with the strict quality requirements of the HQ in UK, BEIERSDORF Shanghai has been committed to providing our Chinese customers with high quality stainless steel fasteners and special fasteners, as well as supplying our Chinese partners with individualized, customized interconnection solutions.

The management team of BEIERSDORF Shanghai has more than 10 years of working experience in foreign companies in Europe and the United States. With a global perspective and a team-oriented mindset, we are able to better understand customer needs and provide them with practical solutions. We expect our team’s wisdom to be useful in your daily procurement work. BEIERSDORF Shanghai relies on the powerful R&D skills and technical strength of the HQ in UK, allowing us to provide comprehensive technical training and professional technical advice to our Chinese customers. To provide customers with solid and reliable technical support and quality assurance, we have also established a comprehensive warehouse and logistics centre in China, as well as a fully equipped testing laboratory.

We believe that only the best raw materials, production equipment and technologies, as well as the perfect testing process and the complete testing equipment can produce the best products. We expect to be your long-term solid partner in China.