Non-magnetic stainless steel

The special properties of non-magnetic stainless steel allow magnetic lines of force to pass through, and its eddy current loss generated under the pulsed magnetic field is much smaller than that of copper or other metals. Therefore, it is of great importance in certain electronic equipment, medical equipment, monitoring equipment and other microwave devices. However, the non-magnetic stainless steel we are talking about here is not non-magnetic in the absolute sense. The stainless steel is absolutely non-magnetic only in a vacuum state; at room temperature, it is micro-magnetic. In particular, the stainless steel material is deformed after subsequent processing, and the tissue structure inside the material will be transformed from austenite to martensite, which will strengthen the magnetism. The non-magnetic stainless steel we are talking about here mainly refers to the materials with a magnetic permeability of 1.005 and below. Generally speaking, it is a stainless steel material that does not react with a strong silver-white magnet.

Non-magnetic stainless steel grades