Beiersdorf Shanghai's main business is fasteners and related non-standard parts, however, in the course of many years of communication and cooperation with customers, we found that many domestic enterprises are currently lacking in supply channels for special high-performance raw materials, as well as relevant technical support at the same time. In order to bring a better service experience to customers and enhance the overall competitiveness of our company, under the strong support of the R&D department of the British head office, Beiersdorf Shanghai has been involved in the field of metal raw materials since 2022. Most of our raw materials are imported from Britain, Germany, France, the United States, and Finland, most of which are special high-performance raw materials such as nickel-based alloys, super stainless steel, titanium alloys, cobalt alloys in the form of spring wires , plates, round bars, wire rods.

In terms of metal sheets, we mainly supply hot-rolled stainless steel sheets, special alloy sheets, etc.; the thickness of the sheets we supply ranges from 0.1mm to 32mm; the width ranges from 500mm to 1,500mm; the highest hardness can reach 300HV. The detailed raw material grades are as follows:

Inconel Nimonic Incoloy Hastelloy Haynes Titanium Nilo Nickel Stainless Steel AMS
600 75 800HT B2 25 Grade 1 36 200 302 5525
601 80A 800 B-3 214 Grade 2 42 201 304 5526
625 86 801 C-4 282 Grade 3 48 205 316 5528
718 90 825 C-22

52 212 316Ti 5542
X750 95 890 C59

270 321 5592

100 925 C-276

2205 5596

C263 926 C-2000

2507 5599