Nuclear fastener

The materials involved in the nuclear power field mainly include carbon steel, stainless steel and special alloys. Our company mainly provides stainless steel and special alloys. For such products with higher safety levels, our company uses all imported products from Germany, Britain, France and the United States, and the manufacturing plants with nuclear power qualifications in relevant countries. In terms of fasteners for nuclear power pressure-bearing equipment, our company mainly provides nuclear power three-level and non-nuclear-level fasteners, and implements the raw material specifications of the American ASME system, the French RCC-M system, and the German KTA system. The grades of nuclear power materials involved in our company are as follows:

Country\component & system Reactor pressure vessel Reactor cooling system RPV reactor internal Nuclear auxiliary system Steam generator Water-steam cycle
Germany 20MnMoNi55 20MnMoNi55 X6CrNiNb1810 X6CrNiNb1810 Alloy800 15MnNi63
22NiMoCr37 22NiMoCr37 G-X5 CrNiNb189 G-X5 CrNiNb189 WstE255/355
X6CrNiNb1810 X6CrNiNb1810 Alloy718 Alloy718 C22.8,St35.8

Alloy X750 Alloy X750 15Mo3,GS-C25
France 16MND5 16MND5 Z3CN20.09-M Z3CN20.09-M Alloy600 Tu42C
18MND5 18MND5 Z2CN19.10 Z2CN19.10
308L/309L 308L/309L Z2CND18.12 Z2CND18.12 Alloy690 Tu48C
US SA-533Gr.BC1.1 SA-540 SA-533Gr.BC1.1 SA-540 AISI304L AISI304L Alloy600 SA-350Gr.LF.2

AISI316NG AISI316NG SA-516Gr.70
SA-508Gr.2 SA-508Gr.3 SA-508Gr.2 SA-508Gr.3 AISI316L AISI316L Alloy690 SA-333Gr.6

AISI321 AISI321 SA-352Gr.LCB