Classification society fasteners

Our fasteners are widely used in special shipbuilding, offshore oil drilling platforms, submarine pipelines, and offshore wind power; in these fields, if used in core key parts, a classification society certificate for the fasteners is required. At present, the classification society certificates provided by our company mainly include the following:

1. Classification society inspection certificate

This kind of certificate actually regards the classification society as a third-party testing organization to carry out the relevant testing for the fasteners. If the test is qualified, the inspection certificate of the classification society will be issued, which does not involve any ship inspection matters.

2. Classification society type approval certificate

This type of certificate represents the relevant inspection conducted by the relevant classification society on the production capacity, inspection capacity, etc. of a factory. If it meets the various requirements of the relevant classification society, the factory will be issued the corresponding classification society type approval  certificate by the relevant classification society, and be included in the corresponding classification society's type approval factory list. This type of certificate is only a qualification certifying that the factory conforms to the corresponding classification society's framework specification for products manufactured in a particular product area, similar to ISO9001.

3. Classification society product approval certificate

This type of certificate is obtained through the process that the factory with the classification society type approval certificate produces the products within the scope of the approval list, then the corresponding classification society sends the ship surveyor to carry out the ship inspection, and the corresponding classification society product approval certificate will be issued after passing the test.

List of classification societies