Strict inspection

Although the fastener is small, the safety is a big issue. We strive to make every bolt out of the factory in line with the corresponding standards. The testing laboratory in our UK headquarters passed the CNAS certification in 1998, and the corresponding testing personnel also have various professional qualification certificates. At the same time, we are also equipped with the most advanced testing equipment: metal material analyzers, tensile testing machines, various hardness testers, torsion testing machines, salt spray testing machines, various flaw detection analyzers, metallographic analyzers, impact testing machines, etc.

In terms of raw material warehousing detection, we require that each batch of materials, or each piece or each roll of material should be tested for relevant physical and chemical properties, and only after passing the test can they be put into the warehouse for circulation. In terms of product process inspection, we have three process inspections (operator self-inspection, operator mutual inspection, and quality assurance inspection). In terms of final product inspection, we have formulated the most stringent sampling inspection system. For some non-destructive tests, we also implement full inspection operations, so as to strive to achieve zero defects for the products out of factory. The above-mentioned relevant test data will be archived, which can be consulted within 3 years.

We also cooperate with some third-party testing institutions for cooperative testing, such as SGS, LR and other internationally renowned testing institutions. This move can not only improve our detection capabilities, but also make us lead the industry in the upgrading of relevant technical knowledge.

Product type/test item Appearance of size Mechanical properties of Chemical composition Nondestructive testing Salt spray test The coefficient of friction PREN
Regular price D A B G G G G
Special thing D C D G G G G
Custom pieces D C D G G G G
Import parts D A A G G G G

Quantity/sampling grade A B C D E F G
0 — 100 1 2 5 10 20 All inspection The customer request
100 — 500 2 4 10 20 40 All inspection The customer request
500 — 2000 3 6 20 40 80 All inspection The customer request
2000 — 5000 5 10 30 60 120 All inspection The customer request
5000 — 10000 10 20 50 100 200 All inspection The customer request
10000 — 100000 20 40 80 150 300 All inspection The customer request
100000 — 500000 30 60 120 200 400 All inspection The customer request
>500000 40 80 150 250 500 All inspection The customer request